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Herbicide Applications in Parks

When necessary, the Parks Department treats turf and flowerbed spaces with herbicides to control and inhibit the growth of noxious or invasive weeds when mechanical removal is not feasible.  All treatment activities are regulated per the Adopted Herbicide Policy and Practices.pdf pdf Document.  Any application of herbicide is done by a certified Pesticide Applicator and all precautions are taken to ensure that there is no danger to the public prior to, during, or after applications.

Below is a list of Parks properties treated with herbicides:

Cheetah Pro

SDS:  https://assets.greenbook.net/20-07-04-03-10-2019-Ms_2236_Cheetah_Pro.pdf

Locations:  Niemi I, Niemi II, Evergreen Upper Field, Evergreen Lower Field & Columbia Field

Dates:  Thursday 3/10/22