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Ocean View Cemetery

Ocean View Cemetery Grave Locator and Maps

Visit our online mapping website to find the location of a grave within the Cemetery.

Opened 1898 by the City of Astoria. There are 100 acres of property with 50 acres developed. 16,000 interments at cemetery. Lake views with all kinds of wildlife on the grounds. 

The cities of Astoria and Warrenton have deep, rich history. Ocean View Cemetery is one of many historic resources that preserve our culture and heritage.

The Cemetery's rules and regulations can be viewed here: 
OVC Rules & Regulations pdf Document


Current Prices: OVC Fees 22-23 FINAL

The City’s Finance Department provides all administrative responsibilities for Ocean View Cemetery, all cemetery records are located at City Hall, 1095 Duane Street, Astoria. 

Cemetery Administration can be reached at City Hall at (503) 325-5821 or by email at cshade@astoria.or.us.  

For maintenance questions, Cemetery Supervisor Matt Moritz can be reached at (503) 298 2460 or by email at mmoritz@astoria.or.us    

Ocean View Cemetery Master Plan

Read the Ocean View Cemetery Master Plan here. pdf Document