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Maritime Memorial Park


Maritime Memorial General Information

Thank you for your interest in the Maritime Memorial and this unique tribute to your friends and family. For information regarding the Maritime Memorial call (503) 298 2467 or email Jonah Dart-Mclean, Director of Parks and Recreation, at jdart@astoria.or.us.


Size of engraving space: Spaces are 4" x 12"
Name of person is limited to 18 characters, including spaces
Inscription is limited to 23 spaces including spaces


The cost of engraving per individual space is $500 per space if a stock graphic is used or $650 if customized artwork is requested—total fee must be paid prior to reserving a space on the Wall. Stock graphic images are defined as any image that has been engraved on the Memorial Wall previously. Custom images must be approved by the City of Astoria, and the Maritime Memorial Committee. No spaces are reserved until payment in full is received and engraving applications can only be accepted for deceased individuals.

Engraving is done once per year in May. Here is the timeline for engraving requests:  
    • November 30: Custom Graphic Applications Due
    • December 1-January 15: UMMC Reviews Custom Graphics
    • January 16-31: Resubmission Period for Updated Custom Graphics
    • February 20: Final Approval/Denial Date of Custom Graphics, Review of all Inscription Requests
    • February 21-28: Resubmission Period for Requested Changes to Graphics/Inscriptions
    • March 1: Final Submission Date for Current Year Engravings
    • March 15: UMMC Certifies Final Engraving Application List
    • March 31: Engraving List is Submitted to Contractor for Engravings to be Completed by Memorial Day

Other General Policies & Information

  • No more than 1 person's name on each plaque.
  • No animal names and plaques cannot be purchased in the name of an animal.
  • Only names of deceased may be engraved.
  • A maritime relationship of the deceased person is required.
  • The graphic and/or words must be maritime related and will be reviewed by the City staff or Maritime Memorial Committee for appropriateness. When choosing a stock graphic, indicate the number on the application.  
  • Engravings shall be limited to name, year of birth and death, personalized graphic and/or limited words about the person. Exception: 1 additional line of text may be granted in lieu of a graphic.
  • An anchor will be engraved by the name of any person who died at sea. It is not required that the person have been "lost at sea".
  • Wall space is selected at random and requests for a specific location will be denied.
  • Engravings are done in sequence beginning with the first panel and continue down.

Maritime Memorial Application 2022 v4.19.22

maritime memorial graphics sheets 2022.pdf pdf Document

memorials and engravings policy aprd.pdf pdf Document 


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