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View Public Records

The City of Astoria is a member of Oregon Records Management Solutions (ORMS) allowing staff to increase citizen access to public records. You may search for records such as Ordinances, Resolutions, Financial Statements, Meeting Minutes, Agendas, and more.

For your convenience, we have pre-set search parameters on frequently requested records. Click the links below to view the City's Online Public Records Library. 

(The Public Records library is in the process of being built, so all record types may not yet be available.)

    Click here to access the City of Astoria Public Records

    A simple search can be done by selecting a single search method, typing the value you wish to search for in the text box and click search. The use of a Wildcard * (asterisk) in searching will increase your chances of retrieving matching documents.

    When searching be sure you have "Astoria, City of" selected as Jurisdiction.

    IMPORTANT: A record must be downloaded from the WebDrawer website in order to perform a full text search on the document.

    Search Tips:  

    Title WordMost Recommended - Will search any word in the Title field for a record.
    Document ContentRecommended - Will search entire document content. Expect a longer search time to return results.
    Any WordSearch any word in either the Title field of the Notes field.
    Date CreatedNo recommended as it is subjective to document entry into WebDrawer.
    Record NumberNot recommended.
    Title (free text part)This search is an exact match search of the title field for a record. Not recommended unless you have the exact title.
    Meeting DateMeeting date is already included in the titles for Council and Boards. Use Title Word Search.
    Wildcard *The use of a Wildcard * in searching will broaden your search. For example, "Ord*" will return Ordinance, Ordinances, ORD, ordinary, order, etc. 

    NOTE: See the help section on the WebDrawer website for advanced search and additional information on browsing, viewing and saving your search criteria.

    Content Tip:
    Once you've found your document in ORMS, download it for optimal viewing. 

    Adopted Budgets by Fiscal YearAgendas & Minutes (after mid 2019)
     Agendas & Minutes (prior to mid 2019)

    Public Records not available in the database can be requested through the City Manager's Office by submitting the required form: Request for Disclosure of Public Records 

    Click here to view the City Code, General Plan, Development Code, and Fee Schedule.