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Who We Are

The mission of Astoria Parks & Recreation is to provide life-long learning, wellness, and well-being through recreational opportunities and is dedicated to the preservation of natural resources, open spaces and facilities that inspire and bring neighbors and Astoria's many visitors together.

Meet Our Staff

Jonah Dart-Mclean
Director of Parks and Recreation
(503) 298 2467, email: jdart@astoria.or.us
Terra Patterson
Aquatic Center Supervisor
(503) 325-7027, email: tpatterson@astoria.or.us
Just keep swimming
Brianna Bowker
 Recreation Manager
(503) 325-7275, email: bbowker@astoria.or.us 
Teamwork makes the dream work!
 LeRoy Woodrich
Sports Recreation Coordinator
Astoria Aquatic Center
(503) 325-7027, email: lwoodrich@astoria.or.us
Life is short, play hard!

Desiree Denakis
Pre-school Recreation Coordinator 
Sprouts Learning Center
(503) 325-7275, email: ddenakis@astoria.or.us
Lil' programs, BIG fun!

Peter von Payens
Aquatic Recreation Coordinator
Astoria Aquatic Center
(503) 325-7027, email: pvonpayens@astoria.or.us
Make the impossible possible!
 Janie Hanthorn
Parks Administrative Assistant
Sprouts Learning Center
(503) 325-7275, email: jhanthorn@astoria.or.us
I'm here to HELP!


Meet the Maintenance Crew

Did you know that THREE full-time employees manage over 300 acres of park land, 11 miles of trails, and 9 facilities?

 Matt Moritz
Parks Maintenance Supervisor
(503) 298-2460, email: mmoritz@astoria.or.us
Keeping our parks beautiful!

Mark Montgomery  
Facilities Coordinator  
(503) 861-1334, email: mmontgomery@astoria.or.us
Improving our facilities is my number one goal!


David Hoth
Grounds Coordinator  
503 298 2460, email: dhoth@astoria.or.us
Maintaining our Parks and Open Spaces!

 Charlie Shumar
Tourism Grounds and Facilities Coordinator  
503 298 2460, email: cshumar@astoria.or.us
Keeping the Downtown and Tourist-related Areas Looking Good!


Our Partnerships

Astoria Parks, Recreation & Community Foundation

APRD proudly supports the Astoria Parks, Recreation and Community Foundation. The APRCF Board is made up a variety of volunteers and community members. The Mission is to enhance the recreational health and enrichment of the community by creating partnerships, charitable opportunities, and funding for community, parks, open spaces, and recreational activities. Click for more information and to find out how you can donate.