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Astoria Parks & Attractions

Astoria's Parks and Recreation Department maintains 63 parks. This includes historic landmarks, local trailsathletic fieldsthe Astoria Riverwalk, Youngs River Falls, Oceanview Cemetery and the Astoria Aquatic Center. Below are the parks and local attractions. Click here for the Parks Rules and Regulations.pdf pdf Document.

  • 6th Street Viewing Platform
    Located on 6th Street on the Riverwalk

    This park is a large wooden viewing platform located directly on the waterfront and over the water. The viewing tower and park were built on the site of the former Kinney Cannery and Bumble Bee Seafood Headquarters. The platform is two-stories high with stairs leading up to a viewing deck. Enjoy panoramic views and the local sea lions.
  • 9th Street Park

    This is a small, landscaped area located next to the Riverwalk adjacent to a trolley stop.
  • 14th and Grand Playground

    This park is a community playground with updated play structures, a basketball court, and a picnic area. This park is highly used by the neighbors of the park and is only three blocks from Downtown Astoria. More...
  • Alameda Park
    Melbourne and Alameda Ave.

    This is a small playground beneath the lower section of the Megler Bridge. The park offers views of the Columbia River and is a great place to view sunsets. More...

  • Alderbrook Park
    4509 Leif Erikson Dr.

    This small neighborhood park has a playground, picnic shelter, a basketball court, a large grass area and houses a small community hall available for meetings. More...
  • Astoria Column and Astor Column Park
    1 Coxcomb Hill Parking Fee: $5

    Completed in 1926, the column is a monumental piece of Astoria's history. Located at the top of Coxcomb Hill, the Column stretches upwards 125 feet, with 164 spiral steps to reach the viewing deck. Being a destination for visitors and locals alike, views from the Column are breathtaking, and like none other on the Oregon Coast; Pacific Ocean to the West and Columbia River to the North. More...
  • Astoria Pioneer Cemetery
    14th and Madison

    Astoria Pioneer Cemetery was deeded by James Welch to Astoria on April 22, 1865. By 1891, 498 burials were recorded. There were also numerous unlisted interments. Bodies from abandoned cemeteries were brought here. Many graves and markers were later removed by the families. Use of the cemeteries was discontinued around 1900.
  • Birch Field & Park
    Birch & 50th St.

    This is a small grass covered ball field with softball bases and a backstop. This park is used heavily by neighbors in the community for dog walking and general park use. More...
  • Children's Park Playground
    6th and Commercial

    A popular community playground with an updated play structure, basketball court, swing set, picnic tables and fenced-in grass area.More...
  • Customs House
    3455 Leif Erickson Dr.

    Customs House is a small historic building set in a grassy area. This is a replica of an original customs building that was built in 1852.
  • Doughboy Monument
    At the corner of Columbia and Marine Dr.

    The Doughboy Monument is a large monument built to commemorate the soldiers who fought in The First World War. This monument is surrounded by grassy lawns and houses a public restroom. The monument was constructed in 1926.
  • Evergreen Sports Complex
    1300 Klaskanine Ave.

    Evergreen offers 6 acres of open space, featuring two baseball fields, two sand volleyball courts, and a concessions stand. More...
  • Fort Astoria Park
    15th and Exchange

    Fort Astoria Park is a small park with a historically painted mural and replica of the original Fort Astoria. More...
  • Garden of Surging Waves
    11th & Duane St., Across from City Hall

    The newest addition to unique places in Astoria, is the Garden of Surging Waves, also the city Astoria's Bicentennial Legacy gift. The park spans a majority of one city block that is bordered by 10th St. to the east, and Exchange St. to the south. It is unique park commemorating the culture, challenges and the contribution of Chinese immigrants to Astoria and to the Pacific Northwest. This park has been a long time vision of many passionate community members, eager to share Astoria's distinguished Chinese history.  
  • Ghadar Party Plaque
    Maritime Memorial Park., Across from Shively's Fresh Water Fountain

    This plaque is for the East Indians who lived in Astoria and founded the Ghadar Party at the city's Finnish Socialist Hall in 1913. The Ghadar Party was an organization founded by Punjabi Indians, in the United State and Canada with the aim to liberate India from British rule. The movement began with a group of immigrants known as the Hindustani Workers of the Pacific Coast. This is an important site for Indian members of this community, tourists from India and Indian communities across the United States
  •  MaritimeMemorial4
  • Maritime Memorial Park
    Bay St. & Marine Dr. 

    This beautiful space is a Riverside park with a granite memorial wall, landscaping, an historic fresh water fountain from the original Shively Park, walkway and picnic area. “The Maritime Memorial Park is designed to commemorate the lives of the people who were intimately involved with maritime activities. Please respect the dignity of this plaza and honor those remembered here.” This is a beautiful spot for weddings and picnics.
  • DSCN0218-fotor-202307181396
  • McClure Park and Playground
    8th & Grand

    This park currently has a backstop and bases for baseball and a swing set.  The Friends of McClure Park (FOMP) has adopted this park and is working on updating the play equipment and adding additional features to the park. More...
  • Mill Pond Park
    23rd St. & Millpond

    This is a small grass area with picnic tables and a gazebo.
  •  DSCN0245-fotor-20230718133339
  • Nordic Heritage Park
    1590 Marine Dr.

    The Astoria Scandinavian Heritage Association (ASHA) designed and constructed this park, which was then gifted to the City of Astoria and its residents on June 17, 2022. More...
  • Post Office Site
    15th & Franklin

    This is a park area with a monument commemorating the original location of the first post office site West of the Rocky Mountains. More...
  • DSCN0233-fotor-202307198127
  • Riverwalk

    6 miles of paved pathway stretching from the Port of Astoria to Tongue Point. Sights: Ships, bird watching, and the Columbia River. More...
  • Shively Park
    1530 Shively Park Road

    A spacious, wooded park holding a community hall, trails, a grass area, a small play structure, and picnic shelters. More...
  • TapiolaPark4
  • Tapiola Park
    900 W. Marine Dr.

    This park is a large grass park set across from Youngs Bay. The park holds four baseball/softball fields, a basketball court, two sets of public restrooms, a skate park, picnic area and large playground. The park is one of the largest parks in the park system and is very popular for a wide variety of ages. More...
  • DSCN0230-fotor-20230718131716
  • Violet LaPlante Park
    45th St. & Cedar

    This is a small park surrounded by a densely wooded area. This park hosts a climbing structure, teeter totter, accessible merry-go-round and swing set, as well as a picnic area. More...
  • Youngs Falls
  • Youngs River Falls
    Youngs River Loop Road off Hwy. 202

    A wonderful spot to enjoy good weather, fun trails and a 45 foot waterfall. (Located 8 miles South of Astoria)

Photos by Don Frank and Parks Staff 

Astoria Parks Maintenance is here to find innovative and proactive ways to maintain and improve our parks and facilities. Safety, cleanliness and efficiency are our priority as we continue to beautify, modernize, and preserve our unique Astoria outdoor spaces and buildings. We take pride in what we do, and strive to keep Astoria a desirable place to live and visit. Should you have questions or concerns about a park or facility, or have ideas on how we can better our community, please contact us.

We hope you enjoy your experience in our parks every season!