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City of Astoria, Oregon


Unique and Historic Places

Unique and Historic Places

Ocean View Cemetery:

The City of Astoria opened Ocean View Cemetery in 1898 with 100 acres of

land, 50 of which have been developed. This site, with its serene lake views, is the

final resting place of more than 16,000 people and a perfect habitat for local wildlife.

The Avenue of the Flags graces the cemetery for Memorial Day. Loved ones can

arrange for power-washing of head stones and flower purchases for holidays.

The City of Astoria and Warrenton have deep, rich history. Ocean View

Cemetery maintained by Astoria Parks & Recreation is one of many historic

resources that preserve our culture and heritage. Our maintenance team takes

great pride in providing a beautiful and peaceful place to visit. For information about

visiting our cemetery, or inquiries regarding burials and services, or for comments

and suggestions, please contact Phil Elkins at 503.861.1332 or Terra Patterson at


Astoria Pioneer Cemetery:

Astoria Pioneer Cemetery was deeded by James Welch to Astoria on April

22, 1865. By 1891, 498 burials were recorded. There were also numerous

unlisted interments. Bodies from abandoned cemeteries were brought here.

Many graves and markers were later removed by the families. Use of the

cemetery was discontinued around 1900. Located at 14th and Madison.

Maritime Memorial Park:

Let us help you remember a recently departed loved one. Reserve the

Memorial Park for a service and put your loved one on the Maritime Memorial

Wall. (Fee includes the cost of a standard graphic.) $400.00

Youngs River Falls:

A wonderful spot to enjoy good weather, fun trails and a 45 foot waterfall.

(Located 8 miles South of Astoria on Youngs River Loop Rd. off of Hwy. 202)

Community Garden:

Come rent a plot in our Community Garden at Gray School. Plots are 40

square feet (4’X 10’). The Gray School Community Garden is an organic garden.

Gardeners are responsible for tilling, cultivating, weeding, fertilizing, watering,

end of season clean up, and all other care of their plots. $25 a year

Astoria Column:

Completed in 1926, the Column is a monumental piece of Astoria’s history.

Located at the top of Coxcomb Hill, the Column stretches upwards 125 feet,

with 164 spiral steps to reach the viewing deck. Being a destination for visitors

and locals alike, views from the Column are breathtaking, and like none other on

the Oregon Coast; the Pacific Ocean to the West and the Columbia River to the

North. Parking Fee: $2

Garden of Surging Waves:

The newest addition to unique places in Astoria, is the Garden of Surging

Waves, also the city of Astoria’s Bicentennial Legacy gift. The park spans a

majority of one city block that is bordered by 10th st. to the West, Duane St.

to the North, 12th st. to the east, and Exchange st. to the south. It is a unique

park commemorating the culture, challenges and contributions of Chinese

immigrants to Astoria and to the Pacific Northwest. This park has been a long

time vision of many passionate community members, eager to share Astoria’s

distinguished Chinese history.

of the

Cole Beeson has worked at the Astoria Aquatic Center since March of 2017. Cole is always eager to help out at the pool and has been trained to work in every role at the Aquatic Center: as a Lifeguard, Cashier, Swim Instructor and Lead Lifeguard.

Cole has a positive attitude and is a natural leader among his peers. We value Cole’s positive leadership. He is an awesome team player!

Volunteer of the Month

Morgan Tisdale and his wife moved to Astoria from Portland a little over three years ago. They had been dreaming of the move to Astoria for 10-15 years, and when they became pregnant, decided the time was right. Morgan had been practicing Jiu Jitsu for 10 years at that point, and as he and his wife were expecting, decided he wanted to teach kids for the experience of “fatherhood” training. The rest is history. Morgan has been volunteering as the Jiu Jitsu instructor with Astoria Parks and Recreation ever since. Morgan is one of the Managers at Buoy Beer and now has a two year old son named Spencer. We greatly appreciate the time and effort that Morgan continues to put in week after week and year after year investing in the youth in our community.


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