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City of Astoria, Oregon


Youth and Adult Sports

Spring Sports at the ARC

The new year is all about making healthy choices. Luckily, the Astoria Parks and Recreation Department offers a variety of recreation leagues and open gym options available for both youth and adults.  It's all about having fun! You can register for sports programs by following this link.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu:

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a martial art that focuses on grappling and ground fightingIn this self-defense class, the student will gain self-esteem, coordination, and discipline while learning the basics of pins, joint locks, and throws through intermediate skills. 

Monday evenings, Astoria Recreation Center, Ages 7 & up, $55/seven week session

Session 1: January 22nd-March 19th

Session 2: April 2nd-May 14th


Boys' and Girls' Basketball, Grades 3&4:

The basketball program for 3rd and 4th grade teaches and builds on the fundamentals of the sport. Participants will learn basic skills during the season. Registration deadline is December 22nd. Practices begin the first week of January and games start the end of January. Practices vary Monday through Friday. Games will be played Monday through Friday evenings at 6:00pm and 7:00pm, as well as Saturday mornings.

Registration Deadline December 22nd, Location TBD, Grades 3 & 4, $55 or $65 after registration deadline 

Girls' Basketball, Grades 1&2:

This is a basketball program for girls to learn basketball basics and practice their new-found skills during Saturday games. We will shoot, dribble, and run a few plays, all while having a great time!

Tuesdays & Thursdays January 16th – February 22nd, 5:30pm–7:00pm, Astoria Middle School Gym, Grades 1–2, $50 or $60 after registration deadline.


Youth Softball League:

Youth Softball includes boys in grades K-2 and girls in grades K-8. Each child will learn the basic skills of hitting, throwing, catching, and fielding the ball. Children will be divided into teams based on age and ability level.

Registration Deadline is April 16th. Practices start in May, with games held in June and July. Locations vary by team,  $60 or $70 after registration deadline.

Youth Volleyball Clinic:

Serve up a great time! Discover a sport that is truly a team effort. Improve fitness while picking up the fundamentals of "bumping" and "setting." Strengthen your arms and legs, develop jumping skills, and work on your ability to direct the ball. Build individual techniques while learning to play as a team member. Clinic is held weeknights during the month of April.

Held in April, Location Astoria Middle School Gym, Grades 3-6, $35


Spring Adult Co-ed Volleyball:

Bump, set, and spike it! Come join your community volleyball players this spring for a great season. Fun for all skill levels.  The best part is getting to meet so many awesome people.  Please call the Astoria Parks & Recreation office or visit our website for more information regarding our first organizational meeting.

Monday evenings, Season begins in March, 6:00pm–10:00pm, Astoria Middle School Gym, Ages 16 & up, $315/team before March 18th, $360/team for later registrants.

Volleyball Open Gym

Bump, set and spike it! Volleyball season is not long enough. Join us once-a-week for open gym! Bring a team or come on your own. Everyone is welcome! 

Wednesday evenings, 7:00pm–9:30pm, Astoria Middle School Gym, $5/person.


Adult Softball:

Take me out to the ball game! It's time to oil that glove and warm up your throwing arm because adult slow pitch softball is here. We have men's and women's leagues available. Please call the Astoria Recreation Center Office at (503) 325-7275 or check our Facebook Page @AstoriaRecreationCenter for more information regarding our organizational meeting in April. 

Monday–Friday, Season begins in May, 6:00pm–10:00pm, Astoria Middle School Evergreen Fields, Ages 16 & up, $400/team before May 20th, $430/team for later registrants.

of the

Mindy Fife, Laura Gillum and Susan Principe received employee of the month for their expertise and knowledge of rescue skills during an aquatic emergency.  While dealing with an unresponsive swimmer who has been a regular patron at the pool, all three remained calm and implemented the rescue skills they practice regularly showing a strong knowledge of these skills.

Volunteer of the Month

Tongue Point is routinely able to provide up to forty enthusiastic and helpful volunteers as support for Parks events and we are very grateful to receive such amazing help from this fantastic community partner!


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